Legal News Roundup: 30th December 2015

New Domestic Abuse Legislation Comes Into Force In a move which The Women’s Aid Charity has described as a ‘landmark moment’ – domestic abusers who spy on their victims online or try to control them using social media – could be put in prison for up to five years under a new law. The legislation, … Read more

Legal News: 18th December 2015

Xmas law news

Law Student’s Nativity Singing Goes Viral (Again) A video of a law student shouting her way through her nativity play songs as a child has gone viral again – as it does every year at Christmas – in what the star of the video, Ellie Sergeant, describes as her annual ‘three minutes of embarrassment’. Ellie, … Read more

Legal News Digest: 11th December 2015

legal news cigarette packaging

Tobacco Firms In Legal Challenge Over Plain Packaging Four of the largest tobacco companies in the world have joined forces to mount a legal challenge to the UK Government’s rules on plain packaging for cigarettes. The new legislation will mean that from May 2016, firms will not be able to use any branding or logos … Read more

Legal News Roundup: 4th December 2015

Cat in Chelmsford court

MOJ Scraps Court Charges Having been deluged with complaints about its flat rate court fees for defendants of £150, the so-called ‘tax on justice’ has now been scrapped by the Ministry of Justice. The charges, which in some cases meant defendants would have to pay £1,000 if they pleaded not guilty and didn’t win – … Read more

Law News: 27th November 2015

RAF Tornado (Image Credit)

Paris Attacks Bolster Legal Case For Syrian Airstrikes Following the terrorist attacks in Paris and the subsequent UN Security Council motion – which said countries should “take all necessary measures” against Islamic State (ISIS) – it appears the UK Government’s legal case for bombing Syria has been strengthened. Despite some legal experts warning the resolution … Read more

Legal News Roundup: 20th November 2015

police firearms unit

Europe Should Adopt UK Gun laws The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has called on other European nations to adopt UK gun laws after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Setting out how the British Government would handle such a crisis on UK streets, May said that Britain’s tough firearms laws mean high power rifles – … Read more

Legal News Digest: 13th November 2015


Judges Can Ignore European Court of Human Rights With plans for a new British Bill of Rights to be unveiled before the Christmas break, Michael Gove has told UK judges that in the interim they can ignore some rulings from the European Court of Human Rights. It’s thought the new bill will see the Secretary … Read more

Legal News Catch Up: 6th November 2015

Car parking charges

Car Park Fines Legal Battle Outraged motorists’ groups are demanding that ministers place limits on car park charges, after the owner of a chip shop in Essex lost a Supreme Court appeal over an £85 fine for staying too long in a free parking space. Barry Beavis, who was fined for the infringement at Riverside … Read more

Legal News Roundup: 30th October 2015

snoopers charter

Snooper’s Charter Back On Amid privacy and data security concerns, the Government is to press ahead with it’s so-called Snooper’s Charter, which will give UK police the power to access the website browsing history of everyone in Britain. It is expected that Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will announce the plans to the Commons as … Read more

THB Legal News Roundup: 23rd October 2015

legal communications

Legal Industry Calls For Protection of Lawyer-Client Communications The Bar Council and the Law Society have called on the UK Parliament to do more in protecting legally privileged communications between lawyers and their clients. With a Commons debate on new surveillance laws due in November 2015, the two bodies say more should be done to … Read more