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A person’s rights whilst detained at the Police Station

Posted: 12 January

A person’s rights whilst detained at the Police Station and should a solicitor be present? During a detention at the police station in England and Wales, the police are required to follow a protocol. As outlined in the Police...

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Voluntary Interviews

Posted: 23 November

In the last decade, the number of arrests made by the Police have halved. A study produced by the UK Home Office shows that in 2010, 1.3 million arrests were made falling to 632,000 in 2021. Among the many...

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Expert legal advice with extra care

Why should I use a Lifetime Lawyer? Our Carly Dartnell is a proud Accredited...

- 16 February 2024

Grandparents rights with Social Services

Unless you have Parental Responsibility for your grandchild through a Child Arrangements Order or...

- 16 February 2024

Social Services and the Emergency Removal of Children

Social Services may be applying to the Court for an Order to protect your...

- 07 February 2024