Our people

Liam Kerr

Police Station Representative

Liam worked as a police officer for 3 years before resigning in 2022, and quickly moved to work with THB to train and become accredited as a Police Station Representative.

Liam works as a Police Station Representative. He has recently gained his accreditation, however when training, represented a number of clients at the police station in a variety of offences ranging from harassment, to sexual assault. Now that he is fully accredited, he is keen to continue his work in advising clients at the police station.


Liam has an in-depth knowledge of police station practice and procedure, drawing on his previous experience as a police constable with Essex Police in order to defend clients at all stages of their detention at a police station to the highest standard.


In his spare time, Liam can either be found at home with a book, or swimming at his local pool.


Hampton House
137 Beehive Lane
Great Baddow

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