10 Reasons to Make Will

Posted: 04 July 2023

A Last Will and testament is a legal document which allows you to decide what should happen to the assets of your estate when you die. Yet research, undertaken by Royal London in 2021, indicates that only 40% of people have a Will.

Are you one of the 60% that don’t? If so, here are 10 reasons why you should consider making a Will and how THB Solicitors can help: –

10 reasons for having a Will

  1. A Will allows you to decide who is in charge of administering your estate. This person or persons are known as Executors. Their role is to collect in the assets of your estate, settle your liabilities and pay the balance out to your chosen beneficiaries.
  2. A Will allows you to choose who inherits your assets (and who doesn’t!) You can decide who receives your family heirlooms, who receives cash gifts and who receives the balance of your estate and, in the case of children or vulnerable beneficiaries, when those assets are received. Without a Will your estate will be gifted in accordance with the rules of intestacy which may not reflect your own wishes or family circumstances.
  3. A Will can also avoid family disputes as your wishes are clearly recorded meaning your loved ones don’t have to “guess” what you would have wanted.
  4. A Will allows you to protect your unmarried partner to ensure that they receive their fair share of your estate. Unmarried partners and stepchildren do not have the same automatic rights as married partners and biological children do.
  5. A Will allows you to nominate a legal guardian for your minor children. A Guardian would be responsible for raising your minor children until they reach the age of 18 years. If no Guardian is named, then the State will choose one for you which may not necessarily be who you would have chosen. It can also be a lengthy and distressing process for all involved.
  6. As a nation of pet lovers, a Will also allows you to decide who should look after your pets on your passing.
  7. A Will allows you to leave your online assets – such as your Facebook, email, or digital photo accounts – to beneficiaries and nominate your Executors to look after them for you.
  8. A Will allows you to select your own funeral instructions. This can reduce the worry and burden on your loved ones.
  9. A Will allows you to benefit good causes such as charities or local community organisations.
  10. A Will allows you to plan for Inheritance Tax and care fees and take steps to reduce or remove your liability.

At THB Solicitors we aim to make the process of making a Will as easy as possible. We offer a free consultation to discuss your wishes, with one of our Solicitors, before taking your instructions and sending you a draft to read at home. Once you are happy with the contents, a second meeting is held to sign the Will. We also offer free lifetime storage and the opportunity to register the existence (but not the contents) of your Will with the National Will Register.

For more information or to make your appointment please contact our team today on team today on 01702 298282 or 01245 493959. Instructions can be taken by email, telephone, or face to face appointment in our offices. We also offer home and hospital visits.

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