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Rakesh Sharma


Rakesh Sharma is one of our leading Solicitor Advocates regularly appearing in Crown Court and Gross Misconduct Panel hearings

Rakesh trained and qualified as a Police Station representative in Cumbria before moving to London in order to complete his Training Contract at a firm in Twickenham.

Following qualification, Rakesh moved to East London where he gained experience in the Magistrates and Youth Court in London and Essex.

Rakesh very quickly obtained his Higher Rights of Audience and worked in a very busy in house advocacy team before returning to Essex to join THB in December 2014.

Since joining THB, Rakesh has built a strong client following and gained the respect of the local Courts.  He is a Trial advocate at heart and has represented clients in many long and complex jury trials.

Serious & Complex Crime

Rakesh has considerable experience in dealing with serious violent and sexual offences including Murder, Conspiracies, Rape and Historic Sexual Abuse. He is also experienced in dealing with more “document heavy” cases of fraud and matters involving disputed forensics including DNA, Identification, telephone and cell site evidence.

Military Law

Rakesh has considerable experience of representing armed forces personnel in the Courts Martial both in the UK and Germany. He has an understanding of the unique pressures faced by those serving in the armed forces and is always keen to defend those who serve our country even when this involves travel to other countries.

Regulatory & Disciplinary

Rakesh has also built up a solid reputation for defending professional clients facing allegations of gross misconduct in regulatory and disciplinary panel hearings. He has an in depth working knowledge of police misconduct and regularly represents officers before Gross Misconduct panels in the full range of matters including use of excessive force, breaches of honesty and integrity and complex data protection breaches.

Rakesh is also experienced in representing interested persons in Coroner’s Inquests and clients comment that his calm yet robust advocacy style is well suited to the inquisitorial fact finding nature of the Inquest hearing.

Practice Areas


  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Historic Sexual abuse
  • Fraud
  • Serious assaults


  • Criminal Allegation
  • Misconduct on Operations
  • Desertion/ AWOL
  • Disobedience to Lawful Commands
  • Unfitness/Misconduct

Regulatory/Professional Discipline

  • Excessive Force
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Disobeying Orders/Instructions
  • Fitness for Work
  • Confidentiality/Data Protection


  • Deaths in Police Custody/State Detention
  • Workplace Deaths (Health & Safety Breaches)

Notable Cases

R v R (& others) [2015]

Chelmsford Crown Court. Murder, Attempted Murder and Conspiracy to Rob. Junior counsel to John Cooper QC. A 4 week trial during which it was alleged the Defendant had lured rival drug dealers to her flat where they were robbed, 1 was killed and the other seriously wounded.

R v F [2015]

Basildon Crown Court. 2 week trial alleging multiple counts of sexual assault against a masseur/sports therapist. A complex trial involving multiple unconnected witnesses making similar allegations. Expert evidence successfully challenged using the Defendants own expertise.

R v D (& others) [2016]

Norwich Crown Court. 2½ week trial alleging production of a controlled drug and money laundering. A 3 handed trial with extensive forensic and telephone evidence, a large number of witnesses and an ambush “cut throat” defence by one of the co-defendants. A high value operation of industrial scale.

R v D [2016]

Chelmsford Crown Court. A two week trial alleging the murder of a housemate. Junior counsel to John Cooper QC. Defendant with enduring mental illness and a legally complex “loss of control” defence. The trial involved challenging expert psychological evidence.

R v K [2016]

Chelmsford Crown Court. 5 week trial defending one of 5 accused of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs from various addresses in the Chelmsford area. A complexed conspiracy with 2 defendants requiring interpreters and a cut throat style defence.

R v J [2018]

Basildon Crown Court. 4 week trial defending one of 5 accused of aggravated burglary and armed robbery. A widely reported case involving the assault and torture of householders in front of their young children. A case involving complex telephone, cell site and automated number plate recognition evidence.

Essex Police v PC M

Gross misconduct hearing involving allegations of unlawful access of Police computer systems and related data protection breaches

Essex Police v PC C

Gross misconduct hearing alleging breaches of honesty and integrity. These were allegations that the officer had unlawfully retained numerous items of specialist equipment he had been issued with and some years later sold on the internet.

Essex Police v PC C

Gross misconduct hearing involving allegations that the officer had knowingly allowed her partner to drive whilst disqualified. In this case it was shown to the Panels’ satisfaction that the officer had been in a controlling and abusive relationship and had been unaware of her partners’ disqualification.



  • Member of the Law Society
  • Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme (Duty Solicitor)
  • Rights of Audience (Higher Courts Criminal)
  • Rights of Audience (Higher Courts Civil)
  • Member of the Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers
Rakesh Sharma


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